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    Server down when patch 1.91 went online?


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    Server down when patch 1.91 went online?

    Post by LinG on Sat Aug 01, 2015 2:17 am

    When the patch 1.91 went online around 23:00 (swedish time) i got kick out of the server (i didn't find the server again, so i patched the game to 1.91, coz i thougt the server patched).

    Now the server have been offline around 3-4 H, i was in the forest with our high lvl saber.
    When the server starts upp (what ever version), i will prbl be somewhere out in the forest with the saber (i will prbl die, and then we wont find the saber)

    Why did the server cast me out? (time'd)
    I know that the server cast me out when you patch it etc (and u always headsup the players that are online, realy nice!), but now?

    And i know as well this isen't your fault, just a headsup so it won't happen again.
    Shit happens right? Smile

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    Re: Server down when patch 1.91 went online?

    Post by S.Harry on Tue Aug 04, 2015 10:43 am

    Server had some memopry leak, with the patch 190. So, as informed on twitter, the server had to be taken down, so no further leaks where discovered thru the game. The shall now be fixed, and the server will be down minimal time.

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