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    "War-Window" Empty "War-Window"

    Post by S.Harry on Fri Jul 24, 2015 9:33 pm

    In the olddays, when Star Wars Galaxies moved my gaming bowls, we hade something called War-Window. I will shortly explain how its applied and used:

    war-window : scout the enemy emplacement. Learn when the enemies are online. How many they are, and witch time they are the most ppl on the server.
    Small base may host 2 - 5 ppl online. On certain times of the day.
    Big bases may host 10-15 ppl online. On certain times of the day.

    Here comes the tricky part.

    Do not attack when they are few ppl online. try and hit their "peak-hour", why?

    if they only are 1 or 2 ppl online, the attack will be chickenish, childish, non-gentlemannaish and frown upon. Hate mail, big discussions and dickmessuring.

    If you attack on prime time, this will happen:
    No one can say you are a chicken. No one can say that it didn't happen in a fair fight.

    //My opinion in a way of solving the issues on the server.

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